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Gary's Gone

I broke up with Gary the other day because I'm tired of his attitude. He bashes my religious views because I'm Gnostic/Luciferan and he's Morman. I wish I could find more people like me. :( I miss him so much. I was crying real bad when I broke up with him because I love him very much and wanted to marry him. He doesn't respect himself and then complains that the reason he gets no respect is because he's in Utah. He complains that he never sleeps and then sleeps all day. I tried to get him a decent job and he just threw it in my face. Then there's the delusions. He thinks he's met God, Jesus, Jesus' wife, Lucifer, Lucifer's wife, etc. Then he's always saying things like: "The REAL Lucifer would kill a cat in front of you and laugh maniacally." I don't believe in an evil Lucifer. Being Gnostic/Luciferan, I basically believe that if God exists he is the Demiurge who gets his jollies off of human suffering and Lucifer is the Bringer of Enlightenment and is the same person as Jesus. I think that if God is the Demiurge then Lucifer is right to oppose him and I am with him all the way! I can't worship a god who creates a world this messed up and then supposedly waits forever to spill out his wrath rather than correcting this world through love. That is if Revelation isn't a bunch of psychotic ramblings and has a little truth to it, which I doubt. I still have atheist tendencies because I doubt any of this even exists and I am just delusional from all my mind has been through the last couple of years.

Oh and Jow, if we lived closer I would date you in a heartbeat! I love you dude!



Oct. 22nd, 2010 01:26 am (UTC)
Feels good to see you moving on. A while ago I's a bit worry.
I'm in China, atheists coutry with diabolicly red colors, even on their wedding dress...:)


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