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So... Life Sucks...

So... I got in an accident a couple of weeks ago and had to sell my car. :( I got $1800 for it and am expecting another $427 in the next week. I bought another car yesterday for $300 but it needs work! It's a 1989 Cadillac Deville. Among its major issues is that it needs a new ball joint and head gasket repair. That and there's a dent in the rear tail light that will make it not able to pass safety inspection. Then there's a little interior damage which isn't too bad. I guess its fix er up and get her over to Cascade Collision Repair for an evaluation. If it's too much to fix then sell her for how much I paid for parts and repair. Of course I'll post what I replaced so they know it for sure! It sucks not having much money to buy a newer car and this was the only one I could find on such a short notice... I just hope the engine doesn't blow out on me or something cause its got 237000 miles on it! But dad says that Cadillacs are good cars so we should get some more life out of it. If not I can get a used/rebuilt engine for $699 over the internet and that's not too bad for an engine! Just would need to find a mechanic to put it in, which I might have because the owner has a brother who is a mechanic who is going to do repairs for relatively cheap... But life still sucks. I didn't sleep at all last night... I guess I should have taken a Trazedone to sleep. They just give me a bad headache when I wake up...

Oh and my bankruptcy has been finalized! Now its time to rebuild. So first on my list is get the car repaired, get a cat (cause mom made me get rid of Basement Cat because he was a little bit of a meaney-- she wants a declawed one now), save for a tattoo, and find a job (in late November or December.) Then when Zina gets home we get to move somewhere new! That's good cause I'm going crazy out here in Eagle Mountain! There's nothing around for miles except a Chevron station and even that's a pain to walk to and from.

I've lost my attention span for movies except for those in theaters. I still am going to Voyage of the Dawn Treader when it comes out! But I buy movies and they just sit unopened and I just sit and do nothing most the time... Or smoke... or something...

On KSL there is a cute cat named Sabertooth who is declawed and neutered and he's free. He's just a little overweght (weighs 18 pounds) but I don't know if my car will be repaired in time to go get him :( So I'll probably have to wait and see if another declawed cat comes up later!



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